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10 Feb 2020

We will be performing planned maintenance across our Virtual Server platform.  This maintenance includes required updates and minor performance tweaks. Starting : Monday 10th February 2020 @ 20:00 Estimated Completion : Friday 14th February 2020 Over the course of the next 5 days, we will perform the required updates to our platform. Your server will require a reboot which we will...

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1 Aug 2019

Recently cPanel shocked the web hosting industry with a drastic pricing model change that affects all customers using cPanel. Prior to this change, cPanel license fees was based on a single server license (dedicated or virtual server) for unlimited cPanel hosting accounts. The new model is “per account” based. More information can be found here:...

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29 Jun 2019

On June 27th 2019 and with immediate effect, cPanel announced a new licensing model with a shocker of a price increase. Further reading: Once we know more, we will...

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17 Aug 2018

We have enabled email verification across all existing and new client accounts. Please confirm your email address using the link provided.

1 Aug 2018

We are very excited to announce that we have launched our all new ' Large Storage Optimized ' Virtual Servers. Easily create a storage VPS with up to 20TB of raw storage with a few clicks. Once configured, your storage can be used as normal "object storage" via NFS, iSCSI, S3, FTP and other protocols.  A number of Storage OS's are available including ownCloud X, FreeNAS, NAS4Free and a few...

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10 Jul 2017

Dear Client, Welcome to DataKeepers.  We're available 24/7. Be in touch at any time! mail: mail: call us: +27 21 556 9999