Dedicated Servers

Introducing Our Enhanced Range of Dedicated Servers: Designed for customers seeking the dependability and power of dedicated bare-metal hardware, our latest product line offers a perfect balance of performance and control. Each server is equipped with the latest NVMe and SSD drives, ensuring ultra-fast data processing and storage capabilities. Tailor your experience with flexible RAM and disk upgrades. Linux and Windows fully supported.

Starting at
R1,599.00 Monthly

Enterprise VPS - Linux

Unleash the Power of Innovation with Our New Enterprise Linux VPS Plans! Powered by the cutting-edge AMD EPYC Genoa processors and blazing-fast NVMe storage, these plans are engineered for unmatched performance and reliability. Ideal for businesses demanding high-speed, secure, and scalable solutions, our latest offerings promise to elevate your digital infrastructure to new heights. Experience the future of virtual private servers today and drive your enterprise forward.

Starting at
R109.00 Monthly

Enterprise VPS - Windows

Transform Your Business with Our Newest Enterprise Windows VPS Plans! Tailored for the modern enterprise, these plans are infused with the robustness of Windows Server OS, powered by next-generation AMD EPYC Genoa processors, and accelerated by ultra-fast NVMe storage. Designed for superior performance, reliability, and scalability, our Windows VPS solutions are perfect for businesses seeking a seamless, secure, and efficient digital environment.

Starting at
R859.00 Monthly

Enterprise VPS - cPanel

Elevate Your Web Hosting Experience with Our Enterprise VPS with cPanel! Designed for businesses seeking effortless management and robust performance, our VPS solutions now come integrated with cPanel. Enjoy the power of AMD EPYC Genoa processors and ultra-fast NVMe storage, combined with the simplicity and efficiency of cPanel's intuitive control panel. Manage your websites, domains, and emails with ease, while benefiting from top-tier security, scalability, and reliability. Perfect for those who demand the best in both performance and user experience. Step into a world of seamless hosting – choose our Enterprise VPS with cPanel!

Starting at
R848.00 Monthly

Cloud Backup

In an era where data is the backbone of business operations, our Cloud Backup solutions, powered by Acronis, offer unparalleled protection and peace of mind. Acronis, a leader in cyber protection, ensures your critical data is safe, accessible, and private. Our Cloud Backup plans are designed for both efficiency and simplicity, providing robust security against data loss, ransomware, and system failures. With features like easy-to-use control panel, automated backups, and rapid data recovery, you can effortlessly safeguard your business's valuable information. Choose our Cloud Backup for a secure, reliable, and user-friendly data protection experience.

Starting at
R79.00 Monthly